Honor Native Land Tax

The Honor Native Land Tax (HNLT) is a project of Albuquerque Showing up for Racial Justice (ABQ SURJ) and is fiscally sponsored by SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP) a 501(c)3. The Honor Native Land Tax fundraises money in order to provide ongoing, no-strings-attached financial support to Indigenous organizations on Tiwa Land (also known as “New Mexico”). Specifically, HNLT is investing in Pueblo Action Alliance and The Red Nation. By redistributing resources from settlers (those who benefit from settler colonialism) to Indigenous people (those who are harmed by settler colonialism), the HNLT offers a chance for settlers to make an ongoing contribution to Indigenous movements for land, water, and futures. This is a cross-class project that allows people to contribute financially on a sliding scale basis.  In doing so, settlers are able to move towards a right relationship with Indigenous peoples. For more information, visit our website at HonorNativeLandTax.org


We suggest a monthly contribution.  Whichever amount you pick, make sure to check the box "I want to contribute this amount every month".  If you would like to make a one-time contribution, or a monthly contribution of a different amount, please use the "Other Amount" box and manually enter your amount.

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