Youth and Families are the Solution

Tell Albuquerque City Council to Oppose a Resolution on Curfew

We believe New Mexico’s youth and families are our biggest assets and possess the solutions needed to improve our communities. The Albuquerque City Council is proposing a resolution that would allow municipalities to enact curfews. We believe that this resolution will further harm our youth and families. Rolling back protections in the Children’s Code during a well-being crisis will not increase public safety in our communities. In fact, throughout history this has proven to be counter-productive.

Albuquerque City Council previously enacted the curfew ordinance, but the New Mexico Supreme Court deemed the ordinance unconstitutional. Their decision was based on the fact that law enforcement officials were denying children their basic constitutional rights.

Stand with our youth and families by uplifting their voices and saying “Youth are the solution - not the problem”. Oppose the implementation of curfews and instead join us in promoting proactive solutions that uplift, support and engage youth, children and families.

Sign the petition to oppose the implementation of curfews on our youth.

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